Wednesday 6 March 2013

Argo -

I watched 3 movies last Sunday. It was a good, good Sunday with two of my dearest friends. Lots of food and some beers while we watched movies on the laptop.

We started off by watching Argo, which i assumed was a horse's name and kept wondering when the horse would make it's appearance. Ten minutes into the movie, I stopped looking for a horse named Argo.

It is the same old story where America rescues someone who is languishing somewhere for no fault of theirs.

But it is a story that is  told extremely well. The acting, direction, art direction, screenplay, dialogue, styling - everything is top notch.   A drama / thriller that also manages to be witty... movies like this are rare. Definitely makes Argo film you shouldn't miss.

PS: When did Ben Affleck start directing films anyway?

PPS: The pigeons and still here. The basket is on the ledge as well. I am hoping to see twigs soon. 

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