Thursday 5 April 2012

Poetry - Chutti ki subah by V

I recently reconnected with another old friend and he has been sharing with me some of his writings. V is a prolific writer and pens at least a poem a day. He writes about the most mundane stuff but in such a beautiful way that it always makes my day. It's like receiving a precious and rare gift every time i receive an email.

Right now, i wish i could have written this intro about him and his poetry better (much like how Arundati would have written it)... but here it is anyway, one of the poems that V sent me - Chutti ki subah (A holiday morning)

सफ़ेद धुप की उन्स सी पट्टी 
पर्दों के बीच से
दरीचे को मात देके
मेरी आँखों पे बंध रही है

एक सिरा अब भी खुला
तकिये से होकर 
बिस्तर की छोर तक खिंचा है
बिलकुल सीधा, एकदम उजला.

सतरंगी रस्सियों का एक ताना 
मेरी बोझल पलकों को खींचता है
शायद रौशनी से बना है 
और दरीचे की कांच से बंधा है

रसोई में पडोसी के cooker की सीटी
कहीं दूर प्रार्थना में बजती घंटियाँ
'gully cricket' में चीखते बचपन का शोर
क्यूँ सब करते हैं इतनी साज़िश हर छुट्टी की सुबह.

His poetry reminds me a lot of Gulzar's writing - simple words and contemporary language that convey a depth of meaning.

If you don't know Hindi, you can find my attempt at translating it, after the jump 

On a holiday morning

A warm band of white sunlight
Streams in from between the curtains
Hoodwinking the windows
And forms a blindfold over my eyes

One end that is still loose
Traipses over the pillow
Stretches over to the end of the bed
Absolutely straight, shining and brilliant.

A skein of rainbow hued ropes
Tugs away at my heavy eyelids
It's probably made of a ray of light
And tied to the glass panes of the window

The whistle from a neighbor's pressure cooker
Prayer bells ringing somewhere far away
The noises of screaming childhood of gully cricket
Why does everyone conspire against a holiday morning?

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