Monday 9 April 2012

Dress shopping at Promod

Presenting the trendiest dresses of the season. Geometric, shimmer, coral - it's all here! I have been hankering for a nice dress since some time now and

My favorite is the mustard print of these 4. But... i tried them all and surprisingly, the Lace Coral in the top row looks the best on me.

It's lace, something i would never wear or look at but i took a chance and it did look gorgeous. Very feminine and pretty and comfortable. And all those doubts about coral... it's put to rest... the color looked fab on my complexion.

The second is the coral with shimmery sequins... the color looked a little washed out but it's very very pretty too.

The green worked but the fit was kinda off.

The mustard looked the least interesting... it did look good but i had 3 other better dresses to choose from! So tell me, what's your favorite?

{All photos from Promod - Coral LaceSequinned CoralGreen, and Mustard}

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