Monday 12 March 2012

Traveling solo

I read this post about travelling alone, post marriage + motherhood and i wanted to talk about it here, with you all as well.

You probably know by now, that I travel alone a lot of times. After all, i don't have a full time job and the other A cannot take off as often as i would like to plus i also enjoy these little holidays with my friends. I hook up with friends and we do small girls-only trips pretty often. The first time I travelled alone, I went to Bangkok, but i stayed with a friend so i don't think that really counts... but i did manage to step out on my own and explored the city, rather the malls, on my own self, so i guess that kind of counts. I have also travelled to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Jaisalmer and Bikaner alone, switching planes, buses and trains with ease.

But a completely solo trip i have just done once. I did this one trip to Vizag where i went alone, stayed in a hotel and was completely alone all the time. It was exciting and scary both. I got stared at a lot by the locals and it was discomfiting. This was many years ago and things are a lot different now and hopefully i will be less discomfited and enjoy it more.

Do you travel alone or with friends, leaving your husband / children behind? Would you like to try it? Do share your stories, i'd love to hear.


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