Tuesday 13 March 2012


On Sunday morning, I had gone to Habib's for a shampoo and saw a mention of Methiyadi Stop on an issue of Femina. I tried remembering the name, which was impossible, so i made a note on my phone. The same evening, I went to meet a dear friend who is unwell and guess what, she was the proud owner of not one but 2 pairs she had purchased from them.

Instantly, i knew you'd enjoy it too and had to share it with y'all!.

I have been wearing Methiyadi look-alikes since 6-7 years now. They are great for everyday wear, can take any amount of torture, be paired with everything, and are extremely comfortable.

The first time i picked up a pair for Rs. 99 or 199 at Big Bazaar, a really long time ago. They were red and black. My second pair, with a yellow sole and black everything else, i picked up from Goa for about 200 bucks. And my third pair, i will buy from methiyadistop.com. That is, when i finally decide which colors i want to make them in. Right now, i am having fun playing with the Mix My Methiyadi app!

{The name is impossible to remember. I typed it in three different versions on one post. That difficult, yes. So here's the link. Just follow it and make your life easy} 

PS: I try to keep my posts short, keeping in mind how time starved we all are, but sometimes i just can't seem to help myself. 

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