Wednesday 14 March 2012

Over 50 ways to tie a scarf

For the longest time, i had the toughest time wearing a scarf. I loved to wear them but i always thought i could never carry them off. Then i dont know what happened, but almost magically i got comfortable with wearing a scarf. And there's been no looking back!

Of course, i wear my scarf in one of these three basic styles usually:
one. thrown across the shoulder
two. wound around the neck and the ends in the front
three. in a slip knot

Do you like wearing a scarf? How do you wear it then?

{A scarf adds so much interest to an outfit And it would be useful to know more ways to tie a scarf. Find it here. Also find tutorials for tying a scarf by choosing the type of scarf you have - long, skinny, square, thick etc.}

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