Thursday 1 March 2012

A little blue

I first rode a geared mobike when i was in fashion school. But that was for like 100 metres and guess that really doesn't count. I have tried to ride one once in a while when i could get my hands on one and the owner dint mind letting me try out (like 4-5 times in the interim decade or so).

Yesterday, i was hit by a bad case of the blues (the last week's kinda been like that). So i wanted to cheer me up some and a bike ride seemed like the perfect way to feel better. So i called my friend and asked if i could come over and borrow his bike for a spin.

The response was an aye so i drove over to his workplace and borrowed the bike. And took it for a spin. And everything was a little bit better. I wanted so much to go on the main roads but i was wary and think i need a few more practice sessions to be all set.

What do you do when you are down in the dumps to get out of it?

{I was too busy riding to take a picture but the bike looks like this.}
{Blue bottles and flowers}

PS: I am also seriously thinking of applying for a license for geared motor bikes now :D 

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