Tuesday 14 February 2012

Raise me up by the Celtic Women

I had gone to Bangalore to bring back my MIL who had been visiting her sisters and brother. I also ended up spending two consecutive sleepless nights in the train and need to catch up. I will be back later in the day with more posts... Meanwhile listen to the Celtic Women and have a lovely day :D


PS: About 15 mins after the train left the station on Sunday night, the other A called to tell me i needn't have travelled as a friend is returning from Bangalore on Monday and MIL could have come back with him. Baahh!! So to make up for his gaffe he is taking half the day off today and hopefully we should spend some much-needed time together. If that happens, then the blogging will resume tomorrow...

PPS: Have you ever heard Enya? 


  1. Yet another lovely rendition of this beautiful song! Thanks for sharing! Listen to Josh Groban's version if you can.



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