Monday 13 February 2012

Conundrums from Pentagram

Did i share my love of puzzles with you already? No, methinks! When i was younger (read: unmarried) i'd spend a few minutes every morning with the jumble and other such simple puzzles. I'd also spend some a lot of my pocket money on buying puzzle / crossword / jumble books. In fact, i still do the jumble and try my hand at The Hindu's cryptic crossword (i jumped in joy recently when i could solve 5 clues, that's how rusty i have become!) And the Sudoku when i have nothing better to do.

I digress a lot these days. Anyways, coming to Conundrums, the reason for this post...

Designed by Harry Pearce, Conundrums is a new collection of elegant typographic puzzles constrained by three simple rules: one box, two colours, a single typeface. (i couldn't put it better, so it's verbatim from the site)

I'd love to get this book. Simple and pretty and challenging - perfect for a gift that the receiver will remember for years to come!

{image from}

PS: Can you solve any of these conundrums? I dint get all, but if you do find an answer to any of them puzzles, do leave a comment. 

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