Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Descendants

I have been hankering to go watch a movie in the theatre since it has been more than 3 months now since i watched one; incredibly long for someone who can watch 3 movies back-to-back jumping from one screen to the next without a breather.

I chose the Descendants to break this movie-drought. It was also catching up time with Divya Dinker, (remember she was one of my guest bloggers when i was away meditating). I had met DD almost a year ago (after several years) and we spoke about meeting again and that obviously did not happen. Till of course, we planned on a lunch and movie and met today.

The movie: It's a comic-tragic look at what happens when a family comes face-to-face with tragedy / crisis. George Clooney plays a rich Hawaiian man who is always busy making money, when suddenly his wife meets with an accident and he has to take care of his daughters and also come to terms with his wife's affair with another married man.

A sad story if you look at the plot, but the way it is dealt makes it a hopeful film. So even though, there is a woman dying, there is always something that will make you smile, or feel good, even when you are feeling sad (i know that really makes no sense but you will probably understand when you watch the Descendants.)

Of course Mr. Clooney looks handsome even when he is looking old or sad or unhappy or angry. And then there is the beauty of Hawaii that is captured, not in a dramatic fashion, but in that subtle manner where it never ever over powers the characters of the film, but just adds to the charm of it.

PS: We are scheduled to go watch a late-night show of Agneepath / Agonypath... more on that tomorrow.


  1. hey, thanks for coming over to my blog and liking the header. :)

    I loved the movie , you know. Particularly the serious portrayal of a man whose wife is dying and has cheated on him. Extra points coz it was the ever handsome Clooney. :)

    1. It is a cute header :D Was telling the other A about it too! It was a gorgeous movie and it was one of those films that i wouldn't mind seeing again!


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