Tuesday 31 January 2012

Vivanta by Taj

I had gone to Viva, the coffee shop at Vivanta by Taj with a bunch of friends before it was officially open and loved the place - the menu is interesting, the food presentation gorgeous, and the lobby music / interiors fresh and refreshing.

We weren't too hungry and we ordered very little but all of it was superb. I went in for the dessert platter from the buffet which was sumptuous (and quite a bargain for Rs 250 + taxes). We also ordered some potato starter whose name i have forgotten that was sexy-yummy. The boys vouched that the kheema-khichdi was fab too.

So do go try it soon when they are new and working hard to please!

{Pic from the VbT site. If you'd like to go you can find more information on VbT here.}

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