Monday 9 January 2012

I need an Ikea

I always want a zillion things from Ikea. On our last trip to an Ikea city, i made sure i went to the Ikea store there and spent a few happy hours browsing and looking at all the beautiful products and displays.

Raam is off to Dubai and though i'd love to give him a list that is a kilometre long of the things i want form Ikea, i am going to exercise restraint.

Meanwhile, do tell me what you think of this hot pink 3-seater modular sofa? Too much?

Oh, if you are looking to get yourself a sofa, go look at the Ikea catalog for ideas / inspiration (and wonder why you can't just go buy; so much easier and cheaper that getting it made!)

PS: Aru, am thinking of you and the hunt for the sofa while i am writing this. An Ikea here would have made our life so much simpler, don't you think?

PPS: I haven't told you already, have i, that i think Ikea is totally fabulous. 

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