Thursday 8 December 2011

Unhappy feet

I love Rajasthan and everything about it - the dry landscape, the color that people wear, the food, the sunrise, everything almost. The one thing i do hate is what it does to my feet. Quite despicably ugly they look right now. This despite, wearing socks all the time and using lotions and potions. 

I found this Vega Foot Mouse on UrbanTouch that's described - Foot mouse is a magical tool which has more than 130 precision micro files. It tenderly removes dry and calus skin to keep your feet smooth and beautiful. The footmouse is designed to fit into the palm of your hand, making it safe and user friendly.

Tempting but tough. Do you have any ideas to help me that does not involve online shopping or a visit to the parlor since both seem difficult right now...

{Go check UrbanTouch.com, they have a pretty impressive line-up of beauty products.}

PS: Yes, i am more conscious of how my feet look than my face or hair. I am weird like that. 


  1. Apply ghee to your feet and then wear your socks before going to bed - i have very dry feet and it does help :)

  2. Thanks Madhu. Now that's one thing here that's abundant... am going to do it today on. in fact i use ghee at home sometimes for chapped lips - works wonders.


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