Saturday, 10 December 2011

I am driving around...

This is the school bus that is used to ferry children from Bikaner to Naal and back. All day long the Force Cruiser sits quietly in the shade. Unless of course, i decide to take it out for a drive. Which i do. Often.

No power steering or any of the thingamajigs that fancy cars have. The cruiser is big and the roads here are narrow and bumpy. I can't tell you how much i am enjoying this car / jeep.

I also have a new favorite place to drive to. It's the road to Salasar from Nal. A tar road, and endless stretches of desert on both sides covered with a few trees, lots of spiny green bushes, more brown thorny grass, some greyish booi and not a soul in sight. And endless blue skies. It's brilliantly beautiful and i hope to go there again. 

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