Saturday, 10 December 2011

Happy to you

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We have been friends now since about 9 years now and we have had our ups and downs but you have always been special.
Happy Birthday Bagsi. Hope you have a special day and a wonderful year ahead filled with many shopping trips and  fabulous finds. Hope your days are filled with laughter and joy and work is less stressful. Here's wishing that all your dreams come true and you find space for new ones.

Much love, many hugs,

PS: Hope you also get over your fear of dogs and find joy in their company. (Yes, this wish is for me)


  1. Hey ambi...Thanks for this blog and your wishes for me....Had a good day for sure...Slowly overcoming the fear of dogs...Should say almost comfortable....Anyways hope you don't intend to settle down in Bikaner this time around.....See you soon...Love!

  2. not settling down here girl. back in jan. love.


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