Thursday 3 November 2011

Layered bob

This lady makes me want to go get my hair cut. So sexy-chic.

But since it's grown quite long now i am holding back (since every time my hair grows a little long, i go get a cut and since stylists dont stay in any place for long, it's generally a bad hair cut.).

And then consider the fact that i spent quite a bit of time and money a few months ago in getting it re-bonded, i don't want to waste that. (Does that sound very silly, you think?)

I guess i can wait a few months until summer and then go get a cut.

{found on Pinterest}

PS: You know a good stylist in Hyderabad? I found one at Haakim's Aalim and then he disappeared. Alas!


  1. Love the woman's hair. But mine's too frizzy to cut this short :( Try this girl called Lily in Mircale, Basheerbagh. I've been going to her for years now.

  2. I wish i would just stop being silly and go get this! Thanks for the Lily / Miracle reco tho! But you know what, i did some chopping today by myself. no joke!


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