Wednesday 30 November 2011

Guest Post: Fur you, but not for me

Here's another guest post from Yamini, my tall brunette friend who many say looks like my sister. If you have to find her in my phone book, you'd have to look for Beatrix Kiddo (she made me save her name like that). 

I love winter. Longer nights, shorter days, all the festivals and most of all winter fashion (hides the extra weight). 
I am a big fan of fur and leather - material you can only see in winter fashion. (I remember having a leather jacket and a couple of faux fur caps as a kid when we lived in cities with cooler climes. Unfortunately, Hyderabad is much too hot for all this and i miss those chilly winters.)
I know Ambica doesn't care much about fur/ leather but what about you? Have you worn a leather jacket or leather clothes or something soft and furry? 

Hope this trip in cold cold Bikaner changes Ambica's mind about leather or fur :) (Not at all babe. I still don't care for fur or leather or animal print either.)

PS: Beatrix is right now totally loving this polar bear rug/coat by Benjamin Cho donned by Lady Gaga. Beatrix loves wacky clothes - my only friend whose taste veers towards the weird. 

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