Saturday 5 November 2011


Are you looking forward to the new Agneepath? Considering that i actually enjoyed AB's modified voice in the old and the movie itself totally, i wasn't actually even looking forward to Dharma Productions' Agneepath. Until i saw this trailer that is. I am not really falling for Hithik's silly bouffant style hair do but other than that everything looks super. Do watch out for Mr. Rishi Kapoor as one of the the bad guys, he does look pretty menacing.

(I have been privy to a lot of B-wood gossip from reliable sources and then i od'ed on a gossip blog as well and my stomach hasn't stopped churning ever since.  I am just so disgusted with the desi industry, i just can't bear to watch a hindi film. I am hoping Rockstar and Agneepath will help overcome this feeling of disgust just because they are so fantastic. Fingers crossed then.)

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