Thursday, 20 October 2011

Envelopes morph in to gift bags! Diwali gift bags maybe?

Sweet gift bags made from envelopes and tape. Who would have thought!

Ever since i  found Jessica Jones' How About Orange where i found this envelope gift bag and a bow made of a magazine page, i can't stop going back. Pretty pretty stuff there. Loads of simple DIYs and round ups of a few others. Go see.

{via HowAboutOrange}

PS: I totally believe, a great gift wrap can transform a simple gift and make it even more beautiful and precious for the receiver. What say, you? 


  1. The gift bags are beautiful

  2. Yes, they are Anil. I should stop being lazy and try making them !

  3. like these gift bags...these are just beautiful..i'd like to use it in Gift Card envelopes if possible.


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