Saturday 17 September 2011

Wedges and other kinds of heels

Just last week the strap of my black wedge sandals broke :( and i am still feeling a little sad because i really can't wear anything more than kitten heels without feeling uncomfortable and these were the only ones i felt comfy walking in. Alas.

Aren't these black Louboutin's gorgeous? I know i would never be able to get one of these but if you find pretty wedges, please drop me a line.

This and more such sexy shoes on Pinterest are on Tara Pyne's shoe board. I love them all, except maybe the animal print ones.

Shoe fairy: These are my favorites from Tara Payne's collection. Can you please send me one? I promise to donate two pairs to someone needy.

PS: Do you wear heels? Pointy ones? Are you super comfortable or is your shoe pantry over flowing with flats and flip flops like mine is?


  1. ayya, they broke? i just took the turquoise ones out of the packet...btw, m&s has some pretty polka dotted wedges...

  2. yes :( will have to make another trip to your side of town to check out! Thanks


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