Thursday 15 September 2011

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

I have seen this group several times on FB and almost joined but then didn't. Till today. Yes, I should kick myself for taking this long. 

The Great Hyderabad Adventure Club has an event calendar filled with activities like trekking, nature walks, rock climbing, rafting, horse riding.  - You can choose an activity that's an hour long or a weekend trip.

I have chosen to go for a morning walk tomorrow that starts at 6 AM. (The challenge would be to wake up and go. After that, i am hoping i will be fine.)

I have also chosen to go for a riding lesson on Saturday. I have a strong feeling i am going to get a kick out of it.

There are some other interesting activities like a night trek + camping that i would love to do but they have a wait list and even if everyone confirmed decides to cancel, i won't get a spot.

PS: Did i mention that the activities are all reasonably priced?

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