Monday 12 September 2011

A bit of Sunday and Kumbham design

Click Here to see the Picture of Original Size
I first saw a terracota mural more than a decade ago, on a holiday in Kumarakom, Kerala. It took my breath away. It was done on the wall directly and was an amazingly detailed piece of work. 

And then some years back, I visited a terracota sale at Daram. The visiting card of Kumbham had something similar and if memory serves me right, then the mural work that i couldn't forget was done by Jinan, the artist who is part of Kumbham. (I am not certain, and even though i spoke to Jinan, my memory fails me.)

Click Here to see the Picture of Original SizeAnyway, to get to the point, I just came across an article in the Hindu about a sale of Kumbham products. If you live in Bangalore, then head to A Bit of Sunday at Indiranagar. There's a sale of terracota products - murals, utensils, clocks, decorative tiles, planters. The sale is on till the 20th.

A terracota table made with Kumbham tiles. (I got the tiles but never got around to making the table!)

For more details about the Kumbham sale in Bangalore, click here.

To know more about Kumbham and see their products, go here
[Go you must, the products are gorgeous. They now have dokhra and bamboo and leaf products.]

All pics from Kumbham.

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