Tuesday 16 August 2011

Print and match

chair redo
Mixing and matching prints with plains is simple. The trouble begins when you want to go beyond the obvious and try something a bit more daring. Like checks and prints. Or dots and prints. Or prints and prints. With lots of color.

Blue, white and pink makes for a fabulous combination. You might say oh, it works well in the Western context but i know for a fact that it would look fabulous in the Indian context too.

Imagine a navy blue printed sheet with magenta printed cushions. And a bit of green and gold. I think it could work.

Try something different today. Layer your home with prints. Your printed bedspread with pillows from another set. Stop buying matching and do share with me if it worked for you. Or not.

(i promise to share soon pictures of the room i styled with blue, white and pink. it was the room that won the most votes).

If you need help with color - in your wardrobe or home, write to me at ambicasrimal@gmail.com. I wont charge for advice but promise to pay as much thought and time as if you were paying for it.

PS: Isn't the way this DIY chair been styled fabulous? So romantic and colorful. I can just about imagine the rest of the room. A simple white distressed wooden table placed in front of a big window overlooking a garden, a small glass vase with one red flower on it, a laptop, some books, 2 picture frames, a pink rug on the floor and lots of fairy lights.

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