Friday 26 August 2011

Linger at Coorg

The other A and I travelled to Coorg last weekend. It was his birthday and I wanted to give him something he really needed - a peaceful, quiet holiday. We thought of all the places nearby and finally decided on Coorg. (Basically, i did the thinking and he said yes when given that option!)

I had seen and heard about the Linger at Coorg, a do-nothing vacation place that seemed ideal. Some emails and calls later, we were set.

First off, the people at Linger put me at ease with their emails and prompt responses. Then they also arranged a cab or me. Sameer was constantly in touch to ensure we reached safe and sound. After several pit stops (more details in another post, i promise) and a scary last 45 minutes (because of the cloudy mountains) we reached Linger.

Harish, the caretaker was waiting at the bus stop to greet and guide us the last 5 minutes home. Finally we were there. The only sounds were those of the cicadas and crickets and the lights dim. After a quick dinner, we slept early. The next two days we spent doing nothing. We'd wake up, eat, read, play card games, play word games,  drink endless cups of chai, walk around a teeny bit, laze and eat some more...

Linger is a brilliant place to rest and rejuvenate. Harish, the caretaker is perfect. Quiet, unobtrusive and helpful. Girija, the cook is superb. The small garden, the fields that surround, the lush greenery all around made it a beautiful place to be in.

The perfect vacation for the other A to recharge his batteries so he can slave some more. The perfect vacation for me coz i got to spend a lot of quality time with him.

The rainy days and the evening bonfires were just perfect. If you need some place to recharge your batteries then you must go linger...

For more pictures go to my picasa page. I must warn you though, there are tons of pictures of flora and fauna, so go there at your own risk.

If you'd like to Linger, then click here.

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