Wednesday 3 August 2011

Life goes on...

So life's full of ups and downs and mine's no different either. The last few months have been spent answering calls and hearing news of people going. One after the other. People who have been old and ailing and others who have been hale and hearty.

I am trying to cope with all the bad news that has been pouring in and then on July 19 I lost my grandma. I knew she was slowly fading and had a lot of health problems which she was finding it difficult to cope with. Despite that this is a huge loss for me and my family because I know for a fact that she was the knot that held us all together and I am scared that the bonds with the family will never be as strong. But i am hoping with all hope that it will be.

And even though life goes on, somethings can never go back to being the same...

{i clicked this at my friend's office in begumpet}

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