Thursday 25 August 2011

Indigo Airlines

I travel quite a bit and have travelled most of the airlines that cater to the Indian domestic passengers. I used to love Kingfisher till a year back till I started travelling IndiGo. In terms of service and schedule, they are simply the best. I have travelled about 6-7 times by Indigo and never has a flight been delayed. In fact, they are always bang on time and most often at least ten minutes before. The staff is efficient and the in-flight magazine called 6E is entertaining. The food is not bad (the best airline fare actually) and even the products on sale on board are quite interesting. 

Yes, they are good. But the reason behind this post is a fantastic experience i had recently. The other A and i had travelled to Bangalore and onwards to Coorg this weekend and on our return back to Bangalore from Coorg, we got stuck in the Bangalore traffic. We reached the airport for a 7:15 at 6:43. I ran to the booking counter while the other A got our luggage out. We had already thought we may have to take the next flight which was at 10:00 since check in counters close 45 minutes prior to departure. (And I have had this experience where I had to reschedule because of an Air Deccan goof up and the 45 minute rule). 

To our surprise and delight, Munmun, the lady at the IndiGo ticket counter just handed me the boarding passes and asked us to go inside and check in our baggage. Just like that. Without any to-do. How often does that happen? 

Every experience I have had with IndiGo has been delightful so far. And it takes a lot for me to say this (considering that i have worked in Customer Service and have this terrible habit of nit picking).

Go IndiGo, i say. They are the best airline for domestic travel (and possibly better than a few of the International ones too - Emirates, Thai, AI, etc.)

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