Tuesday 11 January 2011

Apples and Blackberries, Going Bad to Verse

The BlackBerry Curve in my hand,
A Bluetooth handsfree of the Jabra brand,
Both are lovely, my magic wands

An apple finally, a MacbBook Pro,
I am in love, so I preen and crow
My eyes shiny and face all aglow

The software, I greedily bawled
It's all been speedily installed
Oh my my, I am so enthralled.

A lil multi card reader I got
Now I dont have to carry wires a-lot
For a hundred bucks, it's a buy super-hot.

My brother in law sweet and wise
Gifted an external hard desk device
Now I backup all my pix in a trice

To stay connected, I just plug n play
If you’d like to surf the Internet, my way
Get it from the Tatas, I say

I know, I know, you are looking at me with woe
Or itching to, in the lake, throw
What to do, I am glad and just want to crow!

(I only need a multiple USB connector and God, please help me find my pen drive.)

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