Monday 10 January 2011

A New Bottle

I love painted bottles. N has plenty of them at her home that she and her mum have hand painted. I have seen a striped beauty at a cousin’s place that she painted when she was bored. Both my friends A and B have a few. A few with traditional Indian motifs, and a few others completely contemporary.

One - The green bottle was gifted to me by A and occupies centre stage at home. She had got them painted by an artist from Bangalore and I love the way the lily has been painted.
Two – Bottles used as candleholders. How lovely. I mean some of us cant paint or are just plain lazy but all the effort that you need to put in is to find the right bottles and candles.
(I checked again and it's not really that simple. You have to cut the bottles!! Oops!! But maybe we can find things other than wine bottles or find someone who can cut it for us)
Three – Glass bottles used to hold flowers. Cute. Easily doable and am seriously contemplating doing something like this at home or outside my house with a money plant growing in it. What say A, should we?
Four – Grey and white. Classic.
Five – Raffia wrapped on a bottle. Awesome way to bring colour in. Not expensive to do and does not require too many  purchases. Just glue, twine and patience.
Six – Similar to what I saw at N’s place. Love the one with the daisies.

If you had time to spare which one would you attempt and if you do end up uncorking your creativity, I would love to see what you managed to do.


  1. The green bottle is lovely... are the other pieces yours ?Wonderful collection...!!

  2. only one is mine. the rest are internet finds emreen. :D


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