Wednesday 18 November 2009

Presenting Vineeta Nair of ArtnLight and her beautiful trays and boxes

Vineeta Nair, is an advertising professional and blogger based out of Mumbai. She has made these absolutely gorgeous trays and boxes. I love the way some of them have an old-world feel, while the others are so trendy. Yet all of them look very international and very chic.

Wouldn't they make fabulous gifts, when you don't want to do the usual clothes / bags / perfume / watch routine? Here's something that is different, pretty and utilitarian...

The pink ornamental design box is one is my favourites. And the Vintage Rose tray with the green handles, (the first image, right on top). Sometimes looking at goodies is enough to brighten my day; i don't have to go shopping.

Looking at these sure have made my day. But if you need to do more than 'look' to make your day - visit Vineeta or email her.

PS: I confess I have already emailed her to find out about one of her pieces that i have not featured here.  It's not for me though, I am trying to get this for the Sunny Side Up office that i am redecorating :) :)

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