Monday 9 November 2009

Baking lessons

Yay! I learnt to bake a cake!! I also learnt to make cookies and muffins. I did not know baking was soooo easy. Or maybe it was easy because of the way it was taught. (I have tried baking a few times, some cakes have been good, others not so great. Generally, i give up because there are too many ingredients and probably all of them are not available at home at that time. Some recipes, I find difficult to try, coz they contain egg, that i don't eat)

So i asked my friend Arundati to teach me coz she bakes cakes like we make tea - without even measuring any ingredients, randomly throwing in all the stuff. Voila! Awesome cake is ready to be eaten.

Arundati readily agreed to teach and conducted her second ever baking class on Saturday. It was at my place with my mom, my SIL and me attending. We had a good time, learnt a lot and realized baking is not really a difficult affair. In fact, it's quite simple. Maybe her classes should be called ABCD. (Arundati's Baking Class 4 Dummies.)

Note: All recipes were eggless, some were made with wheat flour, others used curd!! What more could i want? More cake to eat maybe...

So i baked one last night. It was a super success except maybe i did not have too much cake decoration of my choice left over. But hey, who cares! It tastes great, even though it does not look so great.

The cake is almost over... drop by soon, if you want a piece :) Or i could bake another!


  1. This cake looks soooo delicious!Can you please post the recipe?I am a strict vegetarian too,like you and finding decent recipes for baking are often difficult.

  2. i just saw this! had forgotten all about this! what a journey it has been! thank you for all the nice things you said here!


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