Wednesday 28 October 2009

Driving around

more than 75 kms in one day. fighting traffic, breathing pollution, getting painted with dust and grime, while navigating through some known streets and a few unknown ones.  

Secunderabad - Begumpet - Hitec City - Breakfast - Kondapur - Jubilee Hills - Begumpet - Tea and Directions - Balanagar - Sanathnagar - Begumpet - Lunch @ 4 - Pot Market - Begumpet - Secunderabad - Hasmathpet - A little dinner - Secunderabad - Some more dinner - Home finally. Phew!

For the first time, yesterday, i drove so much within the city. And alone. Since my weekly offs don't match with any of my friends, i am generally left to myself and mostly i laze around at home the entire day catching up on my reading and spending time net surfing, rarely venturing out.

What i purchased? (I can't obviously roam around so much and not buy anything)
4 gold nose pins for about Rs 1200 (2 for me and 2 for Aru)
1 pair of silver earrings to use as nose ring for Rs 45 (Aru and i will share one each)
1 pair of gold earrings for Rs 1200
Another pair of gold earrings for a gift
1 wooden muddler for home and another for Aru for Ra 70 each
1 cake tin
1 set bright blue bucket and mug  for Rs 60
1 set green
1 dark blue plastic stool for Rs 115
1 laundry basket for Rs 80 ( I have a blue theme going in the bathroom room and need blue towels and a blue doormat)
1 red and 1 yellow melamine platter for Rs 180
2 square red yellow platters for Rs 120
2 white ceramic bowls for dunking idlis in sambar for Rs 240
2 black diamond shaped glass platters for Rs 60 each
A big steel dabba for my catering biz (that's what Aru calls it)
12 juice glasses and 6 wine ones for Aru's office
2 bright yellow utensil trays for Rs 200 each, i think
A murukku gun for Rs 240
And one brass plate for kneading dough for Rs 156

I had a good time. Got a little tired, a little overwhelmed but finished a lot of pending work. And also forgot to fill fuel.

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