Wednesday 13 December 2006

Free writing

i cant write so Nabila says try 'free writing'
Ambica Srimal: write for free!!
Ambica Srimal: that i any ways do
Ambica Srimal: but tell me what it really is
ntunltd: free writing is what you do when you have a mental block against writing.
Ambica Srimal: okie
Ambica Srimal: what do you do ntunltd: when you can't think. what you do is just start writing whatever comes to your mind. it could be as bizarre as the nmail on your little toe is gleaming with water and it looks like a beige-coloured leech in the waterfalls of iruppu.
ntunltd: just write anything and everything that comes into your mind. do it for about 15-20 minutes and you're good to go. it's a means of release.
ntunltd: we did that in college once, and the results were completely crazy.

my nails not gleaming with water my back's hurting i wanna sleep i wanna rest its supposed to be my free time my sabbatical but i havent really done one thing i really wanted to actually i have done lots of things i hadnt planned on and its been really great there's dust all around; i hate dusting. what do i hate more? no competition - dusting i have to call Manu and tell him i am not too keen on that job offer. night shift sucks my keychain broke. Anand broke it. Donkey. He broke my tortoise keychain. The one he got me from Dubai. Poor guy looks so lost. he already lost one eye and now the umblical cord that attached him to my keys is gone. poor lost soul is looking at me listlessly from the broken eye on my computer table. poor poor fellow. need to charge my phone.. friends are paging on yahoo. wonder why no one is around when you want to chat and when you want to do something else, they BUZZ. hmmppppph whats more imp.. my blog or my friends. no competation - will catch up with them. ok... more free writing later.

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  1. It took me almost 2 years to figure what this is all about, but here I am, blogging too!

    I completely agree with what you wrote at the beginning of this write up. I realised i don't need to be writer to be a blogger.

    Keep writing! :)


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