Friday 16 February 2007

Men, mess and mayhem

Men are messy. That's a given. Either that or they are way too finicky and fussy. And flippant too. When there is one, the mess is cleanable. When there are 2 , it can be managed. When there are 3, there is mayhem. If you read a magazine, you will leave it behind in the same place where you were reading it. If you drink tea, coffee or water, you will leave the empty cup, glass or bottle, where you finished drinking it. If someone gets you flowers, the flowers will wilt and die unless they are plastic. The TV is always on loud. So is the speaker of the computer. The lights and geyser are never ever switched off. (You will have to never bother about switching it on ever.) If you drink juice or milk off a curtain, there will be enough for another glass spilt on the counter. I have been through admonishing, crying , cribbing, nagging, ignoring - the entire gamut and sadly, nothing works. So finally, I have decided to leave. I am going for a week's vacation so that they can do what they like and I stop losing my cool. I wonder what awaits me when I get back... Post your predictions and wish me luck.. Au revior and will blog once I am back....

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