Thursday 30 November 2006

Nothing to write

Gosh! I have nothing to write about. I have thought, pondered, scratched my head, looked up, looked down, looked out, looked in. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. This is so unlike me. I normally have so much to say (ask anyone who knows me) and today, even after a week, I can't think of anything to write about. So while I continue to scrap, reply to nice ones and the unsolicited ones (will you make friendship with me-types), read other people's scrap books (guilty), battle with a cold, take care of the bad burn on my hand (and try to avoid the antibiotics), cook, clean, read, watch movies, meet people, try to talk in telugu, annoy friends on Yahoo, bully everyone, book e-tickets, fill-in India Bulls forms and pen in a 126 signatures, eat, sleep; I am also on the look out for inspiration. One idea. Something. Accha chalo, half an idea. Kaam chalaloongi. This Jack of All trades Excel Queen Master of None just cant think of a thing or half or even a quarter. Wonder what I am going to do? Without a job, no means of income and spend-thrifty ways... and I can't write either. Now no one will have a reason to visit my blog, so no one will click on the links... booo hooo I can't make money out of ad-sense either....


  1. So was I. In terms of not finding anything to write in a blog, I have been there forever.


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