Thursday 2 May 2013

Handsome Kumar :)

I don't usually watch cricket... and after the last expose on match-fixing, i almost totally stopped. But yesterday, at a friend's house while having a cup of tea, i caught a glimpse of this man and couldn't take my eyes off him... he is really so darn cute. One of the best looking cricketers on the field, i'd say!

How many of you think he is Smokin' Hot? Apparently he also speaks rather well too...


PS: I had a HUGE crush on Sunil Gavaskar while growing up, like the i-want-to-marry-him when i get older kinds. Then for a time i liked Anil Kumble (i still do). My other favorites are Daniel Vettori and Kevin Pieterson. Who's you favorite cricket star and would you watch a match just to see your favorite on-field? 


I'd love to hear from you

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