Tuesday, 22 May 2012

UltraViolet - The journey and the meeting room

The client did not give me a brief. None at all. All I knew was that it was an advertising agency and i had a limited budget to work with. Plus the space was going to be home to two different arms of the same agency - UltraViolet and InfraRed.

Vibhaas had already worked on the basic layout-  how he wanted to divide the space, where the team would sit, where they could chill etc... In fact, they had even spoken to a vendor who made modular offices but they received a quote that was quite steep. At this point i was roped in.

I knew i had to be clever in my choice of colors and fabric because the move itself was costing the company a lot and the agency had a budget for just the basics.

The walls were going to be painted cream. We changed that to white... The walls were screaming their need to be pristine white. We later, also painted the entrance door white.

The carpenters had started their work so we had to stop the painting. There were three partitions to be made, the workstations for all the rooms and some storage. This took a huge chunk of time and no matter how often i'd think that today, the carpentry will get over since there is only so much to do, i'd never be right. They made partitions, tables, shelves, cupboards till i could take it no more and fell ill... but didn't leave till the last day. That was an important lesson learnt... no matter how much you plan, you have to go with the flow...

Anyways, that's enough background... the painters came and painted, the electricians did their bit, i shopped for fabric and art and lamps and furniture and it all came together...

The reception-cum-meeting room
As soon as you enter, this space is on your right. 

  • The wooden furniture is from a place where they sold old furniture or replicas. This one is a replica. The cane weave is what stole my heart.
  •  The fabric on the sofa is ombre-dyed cotton that i picked up  from a wholesaler in Mumbai.
  • The curtains are cotton, white dots on black fabric. 
  • On the wall is a laser cut wooden sheet that imitates the pattern of the curtains. 
  • The centre table is made with a magazine stack and topped by a glass piece. 
  • Flowers are placed in an old candy bucket made of tin - a hole has been drilled in the lid to hold them there. 
  • The flooring is a vinyl carpet to give that old-fashioned feel and there is a lamp in the ceiling that you can't see - it's chrome tube with a green lining and lots of tiny holes in a geometric pattern... very modern.
  • There is a glass gar on a side table on the left. It's filled with black and white striped candies .
What do you think? This is just one of the rooms but i am kind of tired right now... i think this has been my longest post ever! I am looking forward to what you have to say, so please, this once, don't be shy, say what you think... 
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