Wednesday 1 May 2013

Weekly Challenge #10 - Remedy the music situation

This one is so long overdue, it's not funny. 

I have exactly 6 CDs in the car, of which two play fine and one plays. My iPod has gone kaput and the radio isn't working either. So i listen to the same songs again and again till i think i will go out of my mind. Every time i sit in the car and reverse out of the apartment i realize, i haven't got music - neither good, nor bad nor even ugly. 

This situation has to be remedied very quickly you know. Before i go cuckoo. So this week's challenge is to burn some CDs. Not some actually. Burn at least a dozen music CDs. 

{Gifts wrapped using sheet music. Cute.}

PS: This challenge is making me do so many of those little things that i had been forever thinking i'd do someday. 

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