Thursday, 9 May 2013

Very mad and a teeny weeny bit flattered

This morning i was all fire and brimstone and it wasn't the heat outside.

Shiv called me to tell me that someone had posted my work as theirs. This person downloaded my pictures, cropped my name from it, and posted it as theirs on FB and also Pinterest. And they also blocked me from accessing their account on FB. So this person knew exactly what they were doing and how wrong it was.

I couldn't even find this person on FB to tell him what he did was wrong and to take it down. Shiv shared his FB login details and i left comments urging him to take this off (crazy long safe password he has!!) which he promptly deleted! Just imagine...

Finally i updated my status on FB requesting my friends to leave comments on his album and left for a meeting. Shiv had a long chat with him on FB and finally i think he took those pictures off FB.

His version is that he had designed the furniture. Really? Coz i know that the furniture has been imported from Italy. {I re-confirmed this with the project manager at Casa Rouge.}

So now it's off FB but still there on Pinterest for which i have sent a request to Pinterest.

It's nice to look for inspiration, it's alright to even copy ideas and make it yours in such a way that it becomes your own, but to blatantly pass off someone's hard work and efforts as your own?

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