Monday 4 April 2011

Lights in a bottle

Shahir, my Spanish teacher, did this for his friend's birthday. 

I love this lights-in-a-bottle birthday gift idea. It does not require too much effort or time, looks really lovely and would make anyone's birthday memorable. For someone like me who has not touched a paint brush in years, it's perfectly doable.

Post birthday too, it can be used as mood lighting at home. Or the balcony or terrace. It would look so romantic and sweet.  I can imagine it on a stair case... with some potted plants around. I am definitely going to try this sometime soon unlike the other bottle ideas that i posted about but never got around to trying it. 

I am also thinking i could get Raam to design something, print it on sticker paper and personalize it. Hmmmm....

Pics clicked by Shahir


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