Tuesday 5 April 2011

Get yourself a bag O'brownies

Shweta Dhopeshwarkar, (yes, she does have an impossibly long surname,) is an extremely talented baker / blogger who has gotten into the business of making desserts. 

Shweta left a flourishing career with a research agency to follow her passion for food and baking. She joined a culinary academy, interned at Mumbai and has now started Bag o Brownies. I went to visit her at the flea market at D-Cube and got some home which were a super-duper-hit with everyone. Her brownies, not surprisingly, were a total sell-out. 

So yes, if you want super-delicious brownies, then you can contact her and order a batch. 

PS: She writes as yummily about food as she cooks it. Check her blog to see what I am talking about!


  1. My first mention in another awesome blog! Yayy!! <3 This one's special.. :D
    Thanks a bunch, Ambica! Can't wait to do the food shots once ur back from mad Goa!

  2. :) You are very welcome. They were lip-smacking!


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