Tuesday 20 March 2012

Seriesly: The Big Bang Theory

Speaking of science, i am hooked on to Big Bang Theory. So much so that i managed to watch 3 seasons of 23 episodes each, of 20 minutes duration is less than ten days!

If i was Leonard, then i would calculate the average viewing time per day,
If i was Sheldon, i'd be rude and insult myself while use extremely big words and long sentences and say it all in one breath and annoy everyone reading this in the process and not care a damn.
If i was Rajesh, i'd just never talk unless i was drunk (since i can't talk in front of women).
If i was Howard, i'd be living with my mother and hit on every girl i saw and also behave creepily.
If i was Penny, then i'd just find a way to get myself a role in the series while working part time in the Cheesecake Factory.

Have you watched Big Bang Theory? Isn't it a laugh riot like no other?

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PS: I have rarely laughed aloud in my life and never so much as when i am watching Big Bang Theory. BBT is just too funny!

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