Friday, 1 April 2011

Pampering my feet

After several months, I decided to go get a pedicure done. Several = 5 and the longest I have gone without. So yes, my feet were looking seriously ugly, and I totally wanted to be pampered after  the the no-public-transport-even-when-there-is ordeal yesterday.

After an early morning class of Segundo Nivel de Espanol, I stepped in to Natural's. After telling that I wanted a pedicure for the fifth time, I was taken in, made to sit, offered a menu and asked to choose. I wanted a French pedicure, but they dint have that so I chose something else, not sure which one, but it was definitely not the highest priced one on the list. Since I have a tan on my feet, I am suggested the one that will remove it. Naturally, it is the most expensive pedicure on the menu. 

I firmly and politely say, No, thank you and settle down when the girl disappears. Returns after quite some time with towels and begins and ends about 30 minutes later... 

I am not totally disappointed with the pedicure but I am not too happy either. You know what i mean? And more than anything, it was the attitude that totally got my goat. That's why I prefer the smaller salons / beauty parlors who do a better job than the super-fancy ones who throw too much attitude around... what do you think? 

PS: I got pale pink paint on my toes. my favorite... which makes me super-happy, despite the bad attitude and the single coat she applied. And the really bad massage. Oh, well! I promise not to rant so much for a week at least. Pinky promise.

PPS: The picture, her silver toe-ring and the french pedicure, isn't it super-pretty?
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