Wednesday 25 January 2012


I never ever ever ever thought i'd wear these some day. But i did. That too these, which were knee length and had heels (and lent by Sangeeta, the friend from fashion school i met on my trip to Delhi).

What do you think of my boots? Do i 'rock it', as they say or not?

PS: The bag is from Westside and my current favorite. I dilly-dallied and didn't pick them up for the longest time and finally gave into the temptation. The best part is it can also hold my laptop.

PPS: Did you notice my eyes. Oh, you can't. Coz they are covered. By my new yellow Ray Ban aviators :D

PPPS: I got boots for myself too (picture coming up soon). And i was almost strip-searched at the airport. Take off boots and jacket, mam, i was told! 

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