Tuesday, 24 January 2012

To old friends and Facebook

Between last week and now, i have travelled from Bikaner to Delhi, spent two days catching up with old friends from fashion school after umm, fourteen years (doesn't that make me sound really old?), travelled back home (which was even cleaner than when i left, more than 9 weeks ago; umm, yes, wayyy cleaner) spent a weekend in a resort to celebrate Sunny Side Up turning five (more on that later) and getting my hair cut and a tattoo (more on that later as well).


I will be back with more later today (or tomorrow) but i did want to come and say hello.

So hello. Hope everything's great at your end. Have a lovely week.

Binki (That's one more of my nicknames. Did i tell you i have many many?)

PS: From L to R - Sandeep Mahajan, Sangeeta Singh, Me (in killer knee high boots that you can't see but i wanted to say it, and yes, more on that later) and Amit Khare (Sangu's darling hubby).

PPS: Sandeep, Sangeeta and i studied together, but got busy with life and lost touch with each other. FB helped me find them. So Thank You Facebook. No matter what people say, i will always be grateful to you for helping me find them.

PPPS: I also met another friend - Pratima, who dished up yummy Andhra food that SS and i were both just dying to eat. And yes, more on that later.  

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