Tuesday 24 May 2011

Spiders you will love

Even if you hate spiders, you will not hate anything on this post. 
I promise.
Now, scroll down, if you please.

First up is the itsy bitsy cutesy BEAM spider that Team Sunny Side Up created. 
And here's the two new videos I promised I'd post soon. 
Click on these links to see the TV Ad 3 and TV Ad 4.

he is looking for ms. longer legs...

Now for more spidey stuff i loved. 
But first, the three pretty webs i got entangled in...

one, two and three
so pretty, aren't we?

cupcakes four and soup five
help! see if five's alive?

 the letter's six, the granny's seven and the flowers eight
are spiders mums are a perfect gift for your first date?

do you like these spiders i found for you?
leave me a note to tell me you did. or not.

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