Monday 23 May 2011

Notebook Doodles

the last few weeks, i have been posting pictures with words on my 365 days blog. 
(on mondays)
and then i came across this. 
i meant her, not me. 
(i am only guessing the blogger / doodler is female since there is not really much info about her.)

do you even know you are the one that makes my day?

only sometimes, though. at other times it just falls to pieces, but not spectacularly.

so what do you think? awesomeness, right?
btw: it's not a font. it's how she doodles.
could be he, though.

and if you want more of her / him then go see 100 doodles in 10 days.

just one more, before i go...

i will. i promise to try. 

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