Friday, 27 October 2006

My first time

For all those who are expecting a colorful description of anything besides my first blogging experience... X the window or you will be in for some serious disappointment. After reading through numerous blogs and finding that everyone has their own two-bits to say, I thought I must start my own blog. After all, even I have my own many-bits to speak and to share (even if no one reads this, I will be happy with myself for having at least made an attempt). As usual, I woke up a few days ago with a resolve (very strangely I wake up these days with one resolve or another and impulsively I do what my heart says!) to create a blog. I used my gmail account name to login and tinkered around, chose a template and left it at that. How un-lazy of me... Then 2 days back, I tried to login from home and just couldn't. Blogger refused to log me in.. maybe mood kharab tha ya server. Whatever. I thought I must have goofed up as usual. (With old age creeping in, I find myself more absent-minded than ever) Today, since I am jobless at work, I tried to login again and found my blog (as a visitor) and then tried logging in from there. Kuch kuch kiya and managed to login. Ab itna door aa gayi to socha kuch likh bhi leti hoon... So here I am... jobless at work (a dream for many but a nightmarish experience for me) trying to post a blog. Woo hoo... and as they say in Bingo - WTG (for the uninitiated that's Way to Go) PS: This is really simple. No wonder the whole wide world is doing it.
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