Thursday 9 November 2006

Laid off and so much to do

The most amazing things happen... a mere coincidence or synchro-destiny? Two months ago, I got tired of it all and wanted to quit my job. (this has happened a few times before but I plodded on and the feeling disappeared gradually) Strangely, this time the feeling didn't ebb a teeny-weeny bit and kept getting stronger till I couldn't take the pressure any more. Went up to my Asst Mgr, told him, this was it and he thought it was a big joke and let me be. The next step - got to the Mgr and tell him. Did that. Asks "why?" Coz I can't take it anymore. Hmmm... off he goes to the Asst Mgr and says I have another offer and I want to quit!! (Ha Ha!! In my entire career I have always quit first and then looked for a job later... if only he knew me...) Anyways Mr. Manager says ok, put in your papers tomorrow. D-Day. All set to send in my resignation. Mr. M calls me to the conference room and asks if I coudl stay on till November. I say sure, if I can get about a week off in between. Mr. M readily agrees. So I stay on... counting days... September comes with big news and bad ones at that. Mr. Bush has signed a law that makes our business illegal in the US. People are going to lose their jobs. Right-sizing will happen. There is no work at offfice and a feeling of ennui creeps in mixed with dollops of tension... time comes to a standstilll and time creeps by.. slowly, achingly. Frustration is the order of the day. Crosswords keep me busy and what little work there is only adds to the annoyance. But anyways, thats the only sad part... I know that if down-sizing is going to happen, my name will definitely be on THE LIST. Rumours abound and no dates are given. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen 2 weeks later. Talks are on with 888.com. India ops might shut shop. We might move to the old office. Oh! Come November, and sure enough, my names on the list. With a good severance package (that's already been credited to my account) I am finally free. Free to do the things I want to. Laze. Read books. Cook. Clean. Travel. Play. Blog. Freedom... sweet sweet freedom... (If I had resigned then, I would have been quite a bit poorer and would have had to work a month. Wonder why my manager asked me to stay and I wonder why I agreed so easily. Impulsviness does have its virtues and a good turn does get you another!)

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