Friday 20 December 2013

MY TOP 5: Affordable Bags from LimeRoad

1. Oleva Copper Clutch
Rs 599

2. Black and White Crossbody Sling
Rs 299 (dirt cheap o'd say)

3. Orange Red and Green Ikat Wallet
Rs 500

4. Zesty Orange Backpack
Rs 1399

5. Burri Nazar Waale Tote
Rs 600

The wallet and the crossbody are the ones i want most... and even though i have too many bags i am tempted.

PS: I own, at least 40 bags (whopping, right!!)!! Some of them i have never used... a lot of them are gifts... in fact i stopped buying bags a long time back and i wont for at least another year at least. How many bags do you own?

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