Wednesday 22 June 2011

30-day photography project

Are you up for this?

Not for name or fame or money or prizes.
This project's just for fun.
And to experiment with our cameras. 

We start Monday June 27 and end on July 26. 
One picture a day, following the rules in the poster, for 30 days. 

Upload the pictures on your FB page or your blog and please do share the link with me. 
You can upload the pictures daily, weekly or any other way you like.


  1. Hey Iam on! Excited .. i think it will make a super album!

  2. all the best vidya.... I'm not such a hot shot photographer ... I'll keep a watch, and maybe click some too!

  3. Welcome aboard, Vidya. Can I have your FB id?
    Sukhi - it's not about being a hot-shot photographer or anything. It's only a form of self-expression. Join us. And share your FB id with me if you want to join the project.


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